Pieces for children

Cabela no ar, 2018, for children choir, piano and percussion, commissioned by Coro Lira

Macrophylla V, 2018, for ensemble and electronics, commissioned by Arte no Tempo

Macrophylla IV, 2018, for accordion and electronics, commissioned by Arte no Tempo (to be premiered)

Macrophylla IIIa, 2017, for 2 pianos and electronics, commissioned by Atelier de Composição and Arte no Tempo, for the Festival Reencontros da Música Contemporânea 2017, Aveiro

Macrophylla II, 2015, for viola and electronics, a commission by Diana Luís Antunes

Macrophylla I, 2014, for string orchestra, published by Scherzo Editions
Interpretation: Conservatório Regional de Ponta Delgada
(Permission from Conservatório Regional de Ponta Delgada)

A piece to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Conservatório Regional de Ponta Delgada, interpreted by students and teachers of the same institution. My sincere thanks for the dedication, amazing work by Amâncio Cabral (conductor), Emanuel Cabral (sound diffusion) and the sound technicians from Teatro Micaelense.

Havana Club, 2014, version for vibraphone, published by scherzo editions

Havana Club, 2014, for guitar, published by scherzo editions

Circo Lua, 2012 commissioned by Isabel Silva, for the percussion ensemble of CRMVR, for the Tomarimbando Percussion Festival at Tomar