Divertimento, 2017, a commission for the Prémio de Interpretação Frederico de Freitas/Universidade de Aveiro. Versions for violin, viola and cello

O Oráculo de Delfos, 2016, for flute and electronics, soon published by Scherzo Editions

Estudos Sonoros, for viola da terra and electronics, 2015
Volume I – Matéria Prima
Translated as Sonic Studies for Viola da Terra and Electronics first volume of studies exploring the basic sonic features of this instrument.
Composition: Ângela da Ponte
Viola da Terra: Ângela da Ponte
BEAST Electroacoustic Studios ©2015, UK

Reflex II, for bassoon and electronics, 2009/ 2010, published by scherzo editions

Ekis IV, for Marimba and electronics, 2012 commissioned by Nuno Aroso

La Fontaine Rouge, for multi-percussion 2011, commissioned by Casa da Música
Percussion: Nuno Simões
(Permission from Nuno Simões and Casa da Música)

Torneando, for Horn in F 2011, commissioned by Antena 2, published by scherzo editions

Reflex II, for bass-clarinet in Bb and electronics 2009/ 2010 (a transcription from the original work for bassoon), published by scherzo editions

Circus, for multi-percussion 2008, published by scherzo editions
Percussion: Rui Silva
(Permission from Rui Silva)

Timbla, for tímpani, 2006


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