Chamber Works

Lá no Água Grande, 2017, for flute, cello, piano and electronics, a commission by Performa Ensemble

Paradox, 2017, for string quartet, a commission for the Harmos Festival 2017, Porto

Segredos ao Vento, 2013, for violin and marimba, published by scherzo editions

Mechanical Flames, 2012 commissioned by Sérgio Carolino, for the TUBAX ensemble (Soprano Sax, Tuba and 2 Pianos), published by scherzo editions

Saxophone: Mário Marques | Tuba: Sérgio Carolino | Piano I: Telmo Marques | Piano II: Daniel Bernardes
(Permission from CCC and Sérgio Carolino)

Espremendo a Laranja, 2012 commission for the project 3’30” Percussive Sung Songs, for Nuno Aroso & Rita Redshoes

Step by Step, for percussion ensemble, fixed media and video 2010 (edited soon by Scherzo Editions)


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