Chamber Works

Lá no Água Grande, 2017, for flute, cello, piano and electronics, a commission by Performa Ensemble

Paradox, 2017, for string quartet, a commission for the Harmos Festival 2017, Porto

Smirnov Quartet – Violin I: Dmitry Smirnov | Violin II: Maria Tan | viola: Romain Roussel | cello: Héctor Ochoa Hernández
(Permission from ESMAE/Harmos Festival)

Segredos ao Vento, 2013, for violin and marimba, published by scherzo editions

Mechanical Flames, 2012 commissioned by Sérgio Carolino, for the TUBAX ensemble (Soprano Sax, Tuba and 2 Pianos), published by scherzo editions

Saxophone: Mário Marques | Tuba: Sérgio Carolino | Piano I: Telmo Marques | Piano II: Daniel Bernardes
(Permission from CCC and Sérgio Carolino)

Espremendo a Laranja, 2012 commission for the project 3’30” Percussive Sung Songs, for Nuno Aroso & Rita Redshoes

Step by Step, for percussion ensemble, fixed media and video 2010 (edited soon by Scherzo Editions)

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